Calibration,Testing & Commissioning - Our Services


To ensure the safety of your personnel as well as the integrity of your equipment we can offer the following Calibration services.

  • Calibration of all electrical test equipment.
  • Performance testing of all electrical safety equipment.
  • Calibration of process instrumentation.
  • Calibration of precision tools


Our testing identifies any malfunctioning item that is part of your electrical power system. If a malfunctioning piece of equipment or part is detected during testing, our service technician will determine whether an on-site repair, replacement part or spot service is required. All results from testing are compared to manufacturers’ specifications.

  • High voltage switchgear testing
  • Low voltage breaker service and testing
  • Cable testing
  • Ground system testing
  • High potential testing
  • High current testing
  • Oil sampling and results analysis
  • Ground plans
  • Switching assistance


We provide highly skilled electrical and instrumentation personnel that have extensive knowledge and experience to carry out all stages of the pre-commissioning process, from point to point wiring checks, function checks and loop checks to final handover of systems.

We also offer commissioning support using designated personnel to meet your specific operational requirements, providing specialist assistance with fault finding, electrical systems, technical guidance and hand-over of processes and systems.

We can provide the following services:

  • Commissioning execution plans
  • Commissioning test sheets
  • Electrical statutory checks and commissioning
  • Instrumentation calibration, loop checking and optimization
  • Hazardous Area verification and function checking

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